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I’m a Christian, and a  professional engineer specializing in structural steel connection design. I enjoy exploring how God has designed our world and our universe. He is truly the Master Engineer.  My hope is that in your visiting this site, I can introduce you to Him.

Perhaps you’re wondering what I mean by a “well-designed faith”. The Bible calls Jesus the “author and perfecter of faith.” He has an end goal for our faith, and a method to bring it about. He has, in effect, a design , for our faith. I do not think God asks us to have so-called “blind faith”, or faith that is “belief in spite of the evidence.” I see a preponderance of evidence in nature for His existence and involvement in establishing the physical realm. We Christians call this “general revelation” and the apostle Paul describes it in Romans 1:20 when he says, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” The Bible, what we call “special revelation”, is historically accurate and archeologically verified. When God says things like “Come, let us reason together…”, when Jesus tells skeptics to come and see for themselves the evidence of His claims, when He stayed with His disciples 40 days after His resurrection giving them “many convincing proofs”, when His disciples appealed not to mystical knowledge but to the fact that they were eyewitnesses, when Jesus tells “Doubting Thomas” to come confirm that it is Him rather than simply blasting him for his skepticism – these are bad precedents for a movement based on blind faith. Instead, these kinds of statements set the stage for investigation and research. And indeed, God is more than able to stand up to our skepticism.  But then He asks us to not stay mired in that skepticism, but to go where the evidence leads and make a decision.  My hope is that my observations on this site can convince you that the evidence does indeed point to Jesus Christ.

At the intersection of faith and design

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